Backcountry Redfish in the Keys and Everglades

backcountry-redfish-in-the-keys-and-everglades3Typically found in the “backcountry” of Everglades National Park, Islamorada redfish rank right up with bonefish, permit and tarpon as a perfect gamefish.  Tough, stubborn fighters, redfish can be every bit as fussy and frustrating as bonefish.

Redfish can be found along mangrove shorelines or on flats so shallow you’d swear they were swimming in wet grass.  Tailing redfish are every bit as exciting to see as tailing bonefish and demand the same stealthy approach and accurate casts.  Islamorada redfish are common in the 4-8 lb. range with larger fish always a possibility.  Once you’ve “seen Red” you’ll be addicted!